If you have some idea of how much or how little you need, it’s extremely easy to engage us. As a Xero Silver Partner and certified partners of Dext, Chaser and Tanda, you'll be engaging bookkeeping experts.

What do you need?
Perhaps you only need your bills paid or your sales invoices collected. Maybe you can’t be bothered with your bank reconciliations or don’t like to chase overdue invoices. To keep your staff happy and your tax obligations under control, you might like to outsource just your payroll and superannuation.

If your business is small, you may be satisfied with our services once a month to keep you on track. Alternatively, if your business is growing and you have many balls to juggle, you’ll need regular services to manage most of your workflows & financials.

Isn't it better to employ my own bookkeeper?
By engaging us, you get an entire team for the price of one. We’re cheap to engage as we don’t need to be supplied with software, laptop, or smart phone. You don’t have to provide a workspace as cloud applications allow us to work from our office. This is especially convenient for those who are out and about, and home-based businesses with limited space. As long as we have regular contact, we'll take care of your bookkeeping so that you can grow your business.

How do we get started?
You’re inviting a stranger into your business, and this will feel uncomfortable. After our initial phone conversation, we’ll request an invite to your Xero file after which we'll run a free Xero Health Check. We'll then report the results and arrange an online Zoom meeting to demonstrate how we’ll add value to your business. During this meeting, you'll be presented with a proposal.

To allow both parties to develop a routine, we’ll start off with the tasks that are weighing you down and the annoying jobs that consume your time. One man’s poison is another man’s gold, nerds like us thrive on bank reconciliations and lodging the BAS.

Would you like to engage us?
A competent Bookkeeper, BAS Agent, and Payroll Specialist is an asset to your business. If you know you need one but have been reluctant to act, don’t give it another thought and contact us today!