Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are a Xero Silver Champion Partner. We offer Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation & Payroll services.

Yes, as a registered BAS Agent, we'll ensure you'll stay compliant with the ATO. In fact, we're bold enough to say that we are one of the best BAS Agents you will find!

Of course! We're payroll specialists who can manage your payroll either within Xero itself or via Tanda.

Totally! We use the latest cloud applications to ensure your business runs paperless. We specialise in Xero, Receipt Bank, Chaser, Tanda & Stripe. When it's compliance time, you won't be bothered with last minute requests to find paperwork. Source documents are stored in Xero against each transaction.

We're available 5 days per week, 52 weeks of the year. We also work on weekends when the need arises. We don’t leave early to pick up the kids from school and we're never late.

Our team is Darren, Lior & Trent. We share the tasks and work together like clockwork. You get an entire team who knows your business for the price of one internal bookkeeper You'll receive continuous service as you don’t have to retrain or start again as you would when your internal bookkeeper leaves.

We work from our offices. You don’t need to provide a work space or supply a laptop or smart phone. Our work spaces are quiet and equipped with multiple monitors for speed and productivity. We're not distracted by reception, office noise and other people’s conversations.

We're only a phone call away and we'll exchange as many emails as necessary. Our meetings are online via Zoom and for those times when something is tricky to explain, we'll send video instructions via Loom. When the opportunity arises, we'll have a face to face meeting with coffee & cake.

Yes, we are a true blue 100% Xero business! We don't offer services in MYOB or any other accounting software.

Because it's the best! In case you're wondering, it's far superior to MYOB. Xero is 100% cloud based and integrates with hundreds of other applications. You can use it from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. It really is beautiful accounting software!

By engaging us, you get an entire team for the price of one. You don't pay for idle time, nor do you pay for holidays, sick leave or superannuation. We're on top of the latest cloud technologies and bookkeeping practices. If you employee your own bookkeeper, you're restricted to their knowledge and this could hinder your growth. Honestly, there's no comparison.

We've transitioned many businesses from other bookkeeping firms to us, often including a transition from MYOB to Xero. We know exactly what we're doing and will make the process seamless and painless for you.

Create a bookkeeping package

A bookkeeping package consists of the services that you need. The monthly price is calculated from the services you add combined with your transaction volumes and number of employees.

Browse our site for the services that you need then add them to your package. Perhaps you only need your bills paid or your sales invoices collected. Maybe you would like us to manage your bank reconciliations and chase overdue invoices. To keep your staff happy you might like to engage us just for payroll and superannuation.

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The cost of your bookkeeping package is calculated from the services that you add combined with your transaction volumes and number of employees. Each service has options to select. For example, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly schedule. To ensure you're presented with an accurate price, do your best to make accurate selections.

Not a problem! Make your best effort to select your transaction volumes. They will be verified after you have placed an order and we've been invited to your Xero file.

After you have finished creating your bookkeeping package, continue to place an order. All we need is your business name, business address and email address. No payment is required today!

Your order will be sent to us after which we'll be in touch to request an invite to your Xero file. We'll verify that the information you gave us matches your Xero file and ensure that your bookkeeping package makes sense.

Payment is required after your bookkeeping package has been verified and you've agreed to proceed. No contracts and no red tape! We'll ask you to accept a Proposal and sign a Letter of Engagement so that you know exactly what you're getting and how much you'll pay. This is all done online and paperless!

Payment for your bookkeeping package is monthly due on the 15th of each month. You can pay by EFT, credit card or direct debit from your nominated bank account.

To ensure your bookkeeping package continues to meet your requirements, it will be reviewed every 3 months. You'll pay the same amount every month for 3 months after which your bookkeeping package will be recalibrated. If there are seasonal variations in your business, or you'd like to add or remove services, your monthly package will adjust accordingly. 

Order Only What You Need

Accounts payable is the management of your bills and expenses. If you need help to pay your bills you can order our pay bills service

Accounts receivable is the management of your sales invoices and revenue. If you need help with your sales invoices you can order our process sales invoices service

Do you understand the GST, PAYG and PAYG Instalment components of an Activity Statement? What is the difference between GST Free and BAS Excluded? If you need to lodge your BAS you can order our activity statement service

Bank reconciliations is the management of your bank account and credit card transactions. If you need your bank transactions reconciled you can order our bank reconciliation service

Payroll is the management of your employee's salary, tax, super & leave entitlements. If you need to get your payroll in order you can order our payroll processing service

You didn't go into business to do paperwork and we didn't go into business to collect paper. If you need help to manage your receipts and bills you can order our receipt bank publishing service

Automate credit control and speed up debt collections. If you need to chase overdue sales invoices you can order our chase overdue invoices service

Are you using another bookkeeping package and would like to convert to Xero? Our migration methods are simple and streamlined. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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