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Is your Profit & Loss report easy to read?

Did you transition from MYOB to Xero? Did your bookkeeper create a Profit & Loss layout that's easy to read? Can you see similar operating expense listed together or just one lengthy list, without subtotals, that's difficult to analyse?

If you can't read your Profit & Loss report because it's messy and overwhelming, then you can't analyse your business's performance. Leave it with us and we'll divide your P&L into sections.

We'll start off with one layout then we'll demonstrate the benefits of multiple layouts. For example, we'll move Wages & Salaries to the Cost of Sales section to determine if your revenue to wages percentage is acceptable. The results will surprise you!

You can schedule a Catch Up Meeting to discuss your Profit & Loss Layout at any time. Here's a link to grab a date and time that suits you ->

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