Xero Health Check


Annual Revenue: Up to $75k
Price per month:
Sale price$58.67


If you're running your own bookkeeping or you've engaged a family member to "do the books" you'll be unaware of tasks that have been missed or items that are out of balance.

Even though Xero is beautiful accounting software and easy to use, it pays to have extra backup and support to ensure your books are in order.

Here's what we'll do for you: 

  • Analyse Balance Sheet
  • Analyse Profit & Loss
  • Analyse old bills
  • Analyse old sales invoices (debtors)
  • Balance payroll
  • Balance superannuation
  • Check bank account(s) for missing transactions
  • Check Fixed Assets & Depreciation
  • Check last 6 month's transactions for consistent coding
  • Offer suggestions
  • Email a Xero Health Check report to you

As this is a "one off" service you'll pay the price per month for 3 months only

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